Zense was founded in 2013 by Markus H Finke, MBA, a student of Tansel Ali, the 3x Australian Memory Champion. We are passionate about boosting your brain power with a diverse set of tactics. With our unique approach you increase your reading speed, processing speed and optimise the environment you work in.

Our workshops are individually tailored to your needs – this is why we not only help professionals and their teams to become more efficient. Individual coaching has helped our clients to excel in work, studies and creative fields. Above all we provide coaching wherever you are – physically and virtually everywhere.

What makes us outstanding



The life-changing impact

Workshops that you forget about a week later are a waste of money and time. We know that. Besides the initial step we support you also after the workshop with regular tips and tricks to keep your skills up to date.


The best-pick-approach

We are all about seeing the big picture. This is why we create synergies by matching different brain performance techniques and don’t teach them one by one.


The relevant content

Our workshops are custom-made. We compose tools for you that really make lasting-differences and avoid those that don’t.



The good conscience

We are not only about mind performance but also about mindful performance. We take pride in choosing our suppliers wisely, host on CO2-neutral-servers and print eco-friendly. And the list goes on…

What others say about us

Dr. Kyros Khadjavi

“A very inspiring workshop indeed. Mr. Finke competently showed what brain performance really means: Using the areas of your brain that you previously didn’t. Today I rethink the way I work with immediate positive effects on the efficiency of my daily routine and organisation. This made his work extremely valuable here at Berenberg, especially because he tailored the workshop to our business processes. On top his creative and humorous approach made the learning fun and entertaining. I highly recommend Mr. Finke to anyone who wants to boost his brain performance.”

Dr. Kyros KhadjaviManaging Director Frankfurt - Berenberg BankLinkedIn
Bot Kao

I attended the speed reading and memory improvement workshop facilitated by Markus Finke to improve my professional outputs.  As a consultant I am required to do a large volume of reading and analysis of commercial documents.  Maximising my efforts during a workday is critical.  During the workshop Markus taught us simple but highly effective methods to speedread and at the same memorise the reading material.  This is a method that I am still using and continuing to improve on.  Markus presented a set of lifelong skills which has allowed me to really enjoy reading for leisure and just as important, to perform a lot better at work. This was a fun, interactive and very valuable workshop.  I recommend this to anyone who has a general interest in self-improvement.

Bot KaoSenior Consultant / Madison Cross LinkedIn
Andreas Wiedow

It was a great pleasure to have Markus as a speaker at our last InterNations Frankfurt PROfessional networking event presenting . . . Sparkling Synapses. He already impressed me during the phases of preparation when he provided in record time a down-to-the-minute scheduled concept for a 1-hour-presentation. That was topped by his deep knowledge that shone through in every phase of his presentation especially when facing challenges either by the technique or audience ;-) … I can’t fight the feeling we’ve witnessed a rising star in the speaker scene . . . very entertaining and educating indeed. Thanks, Markus. Highly recommended.

Andreas WiedowCEO / arow-bizLinkedIn
Dr. Janusz Tanas

We are all part of the universe and we are all contribute but Markus is one of not many who is able to concur, influence and create. He is an outstanding young man who is not afraid to challenge, gather and support others and arrive at the winning point.

Dr. Janusz TanasDirector Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program / Swinburne University MelbourneLinkedIn
Ahmad Qasem

I cannot forget or neglect the effect that had on my professional life, paper work is now much faster and I can focus more on developing the business and increasing my profitability and pay more attention for what is really going on on the day to day tasks.

Ahmad QasemFixed Operations Manager / Sutton Auto GroupLinkedIn
Dr. Melanie Schmidt

I participated in Markus’ speed reading class and worked with him on other projects linked to memory enhancing conceptions. I can highly recommend his courses: Professionally set up, entertaining, very active and enriching for my private and professional life. Given the fact that we use our brain only for a mediocre percentage, Markus will show you ways how you can get much more out of it and indeed gain life time!

Dr. Melanie SchmidtCEO and Founder of Mandarin StrokesLinkedIn
Albrecht von Harder

Ich hatte die Gelegenheit und Freude, Markus Finkes Workshop Sparkling Synapses im Juli 2013 zu besuchen. Herr Finke war ein sehr professioneller und motivierender Trainer, der bei allen Teilnehmern Begeisterung weckte und sie schnell und sicher in durch die Inhalte führte. Beim Speed Reading gab es überraschende Ergebnisse, die Lesegeschwindigkeit verdoppelte sich nahezu! Beim Mind Mapping zeigte Herr Finke uns neue Wege auf, komplexe Sachverhalte mit neuesten Methoden zu strukturieren und erlernbar zu machen. Markus Finke überzeugt als Person und arbeitet mit bereits bewährten Methoden, die er in Australien erlernte und die das Potenzial haben, meinen (Arbeits-)Alltag sehr positiv zu verändern. Vielen Dank – und sehr empfehlenswert!

Albrecht von Harderstv. Direktor - Berenberg Bank FrankfurtBerenberg Bank
Reimund Thull

Die Inhalte des Workshops „Sparkling Synapses“ wurden  von Markus Finke in professioneller, sehr gut strukturierter und unterhaltsamer Weise vermittelt. In kürzester Zeit wurden Techniken vermittelt, die für mich im täglichen Geschäft sofort umsetzbar sind und zu einer effektiveren Arbeitsweise führen. Die tiefgehenden Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen von Herrn Finke waren jederzeit zu spüren. Jeder, der sich persönlich weiterentwickeln möchte, kann ich die Teilnahme an dem Workshop nur empfehlen.

Reimund ThullProkurist / Vice President - Berenberg BankBerenberg Bank
Gunter Blum

Professionell, sympathisch und effektiv – so lässt sich unser Workshop mit Markus Finke kurz beschreiben! Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht und ich konnte meine Leseleistung nach nur einer Stunde bereits um 80 % steigern! Es macht Lust auf mehr … Fazit: sehr empfehlenswert!

Gunter BlumAbteilungsdirektor / Associate Director - Berenberg FrankfurtBerenberg Bank
Markus Schoreitz

Der Workshop “Sparkling Synapses” war super. Der Aufbau Der Veranstaltungen ist professionell strukturiert und die Tiefe der Kenntnisse beeindruckend. Ich hoffe, dass noch möglichst viele Menschen in den Genuss kommen diese Vorträge live zu erleben.

Markus SchoreitzProkurist / Vice President - Portfoliomanagement - Berenberg BankXing
Roland Schneider

Schneller lesen, schneller verstehen und sich dabei auch noch alles merken… wer wünscht sich das nicht ? Auf dem Weg zu einer besseren Performance ist Markus Finke äußerst hilfreich. Das Seminar ist gut verständlich, logisch aufgebaut und mit einer guten Prise Humor gewürzt. Sehr empfehlenswert.

Roland SchneiderAbteilungsdirektor - Berenberg FrankfurtXing
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